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Frendz on tour influencers campaign

In order to make the fashionista platform popular among the fashionista community, fashion brands and boutiques, micro-influencers show the gems in the fashion market within Europe on the Instagram and Pinterest accounts of FrendzOnTour.

Every week micro-influencers are allowed to travel to different cities in Europe. Here they look for the fashion gems that deserve to be known.

The trips are sponsored by the brands and boutiques. In this way, everyone gets a stage to profile themselves and the community itself creates value over time.

spot the trend &
be different


Responsible for:

  • Strategy & Concept
  • Design
  • Guidance first 3 city trips

What are Micro-Influencers?

Micro-influencers are people on social media who have a small group of followers on one or more pages. Because the large influencers have many fake followers and ask a lot of money for promotion, many companies have started working with micro-influencers. 

Usually, they are free or at least affordable to work with and the followers are genuine and much more actively involved in the posts that are published.

What is the advantage of Micro-Influencers?

Micro-influencers are often much more flexible (and cheaper) than influencers with a large audience. They usually do it for fun or in the hope of eventually becoming a big influencer and understand that you have to invest first.

By working with different Micro-Influencers you can often have the same reach for a lower amount of money as with 1 large influencer. The percentage of active followers with a micro-influencer is many times higher, which usually improves the effectiveness of the campaign. 

The disadvantage is that working with Micro-Influencers is much more labor-intensive. That is why companies with a lot of marketing budget and little manpower still use the large influencers more often. Simply because it takes less time and effort.

How do you choose the right Micro-Influencers for your campaign?

There are more and more platforms on which Influencers offer themselves and you can make a proposal. After approval of the influencer, the platform will receive a commission for this. The advantage of such a platform is that you know exactly what the reach of the influencers is and what they focus on. 

The disadvantage is that it rarely comes to personal contact and most influencers register for earnings and not because they want to become your brand’s ambassador. This makes long-term collaboration difficult.

In the case of Frendz, we contacted all Micro-Influencers beforehand and checked each other’s intentions.  It was only when synergy and long-term cooperation were possible that we decided to actually do something together.  

Can Micro-Influencers become famous by working with brands?

The Micro-Influencer who helped to make the Frendz brand grow from scratch has become a prominent influencer themselves. This is only partly due to Frendz and had more to do with the fact that they saw and seized opportunities. 

An example of this is Vivian Hoorn which has more than 15 times as many fans at the time of writing as when we started with Frendz. She now has 440,000 followers.